Maasai Elder


“Maasai Elder”, Charcoal Drawing on paper, 42 x 30 cm, Jotham Njoroge.

Maasai Elder is a charcoal drawing depicting an elderly traditional Maasai man. Maasai elders are looked upon for their wisdom and knowledge, and as per traditional Maasai culture they settle disputes within the community. Maasai are a Nilotic group based in Kenya and Tanzania.

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Jotham Njoroge is a visual artist who mainly works with charcoal and pastel colors. He uses his art to enrich the way others see reality. For Njoroge, art is like a window to the world, and if yours is made of poor dirty and wrinkled glass, it will make your outlook of the world equally poor, dirty and wrinkled.

“Through my little window, I want you to see the world undistorted, for we are dealing with the plain glass of reality. I also want you to see through the tints of this rich glass, like you used to when you were young.” Jotham Njoroge.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 42.0 x 0.1 x 30 cm

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